Water and oil repellent protective and anti-stain treatment, with natural effect. It penetrates deeply and drastically reduces absorption, protecting against stains and water and oil based-dirt. It does not alter the material’s natural colour or appearance, does not leave marks or translucent effects. It has saltpetre, mould and algae resistant properties. It aids in the daily cleaning of treated surfaces.

Indicated for floors and coverings in cotto, natural stone and cement, both
indoors and outdoors.


  • Anti saltpetre, mould and algae properties
  • Anti saltpetre, mould and algae properties
  • Prevents stain absorption
  • Does not leave a coating film
2010 001Bottle 1 lt12 Bottles8056736861387
2010 005 Jerry can 5 lt 4 Jerry cans 8056736861394

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